STEP 01: Check Your NCD
Wise move, friend, you've chosen well. Before we can proceed, we'll need to check your NCD. Fill in the blanks for us, and we'll begin the process.

NOTE: Please disable your pop-up blocker. We only accept credit cards issued by Malaysian Banks.

Please Enter Your Details
E-Motor Online System is offering for Comprehensive Private Car Takaful Coverage. E-Motor Online System do not accept Company Registered Car coverage. Kindly ensure that your data matched as per your registration card details.
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Electronic Certificate System
A) E-Motor Online System is offered for:
1) Private Passenger Car
2) Comprehensive Coverage

B) Types of Online Payment System offered are:
1) Credit Card (VISA or MASTERCARD)
3) FPX Internet Banking

C) Documents needed for e-Certificate:
1) Copy of Motor Cover Policy/Certificate from previous Insurance/Takaful Institution or
2) Copy of Cover Note from previous Insurance/Takaful Institution or
3) Copy of Car registration card

D) Operating hours for e-Motor online system.
Operating hours are subject to operating hours for Road Transport Department System which is 6.30am till 1.30am next day.

Important Note
Etiqa is implementing an auto populated sum insured into MotorTakaful quotation page. The auto populated sum insured will be based on vehicle make, vehicle model and year of make. The auto populated sum insured / valuation gives you the estimated market value of the vehicle to be insured. The valuation is recommended by ISM. The current setting for the sum insured in the quotation form can be amended manually in which allowing agents/customers to choose any 10% higher or lower of the recommended sum insured.

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