Celebrating Malaysian Drivers
Malaysian drivers, we celebrate you. For your bravery in the morning traffic, we salute you. For the fluffy toys on your dashboards, we applaud you. For your frilly headrest covers and your armvelopes and your big exhausts and spoilers and tinted windows, we commend you. There's no question we're a unique bunch.

And this website celebrates that uniqueness.

Stylo Joe
What can we say about Stylo Joe? He's a man on the move. Dates, impressing the girls, cruising to the big game. And as for his car - betul betul gempak, lah - high-lift door handles, high compression onion rings and the fastest go-faster stripes a man can buy. Wanna talk to him?

Find him and the krew at facebook.com/malaysiandrivers

Sun Shade Soh
Meet the queen of the arm-velopes - Sun Shade Soh. The queen of cover. The princess of protection. Let me tell you, she knows a thing or two about staying protected out there on Malaysia's roads. Do you know any ah Soh's? Sure you do.

Tell us about it at facebook.com/malaysiandrivers

Cari Makan Man
His car is his life and his life's in his car. All the way from Johor, right up to Alor Star. He's out there every day, working hard, making a living. If there's one thing he loves more than driving a sale, it's driving a bargain. Got any advice for our bread-winner out on the road?

Send him a message at facebook.com/malaysiandrivers

Ronda Ronda Rina
Meet Ronda Ronda Rina. Perhaps you've seen her around –she's the one who goes crazy over her collection of soft toys on her car's parcel shelf. you know, she's all fluffy bunnies and hello kitty headrests, but she knows a plush deal when she sees one. She's more than happy to give you advice on the best deals in town.

Just look her up at facebook.com/malaysiandrivers